Software 'TaXi'

Due to technical incompatibilities, data upload via TaXi is unavailable with TaXi versions lower than 4.4.6. Please update TaXi to the current version 4.4.6 in order to use the "Send Data to CTS" - functionality.

TaXi Version 4.4.6 available (May 07, 2024)

Please download Upgrade 4.4.6

System Functions


Through the use of a Microsoft standard product for the development of the application, the user is presented with a typical Windows-type interface. As a result, no additional training is necessary for the operation of the program.

Operation of the program can be accomplished through the use of both the mouse and keyboard. The selection of functions, such as saving and printing, can be accomplished through use of the toolbar, menus, or the corresponding shortcut keys.

Organization of the data entry windows is oriented in the same manner as the forms and lists of the CTS. All entered data are verified both individually, during entry, and in relation to the complete data set, during saving, so that incorrect data entry becomes almost an impossibility.

Entry and reading of data is supported through a status bar and appropriate selection window (see examples for data entry windows).

Technical Implementation

The application was created using Microsoft Visual FoxPro, one of the most well developed and powerful database systems available.

The same program has been in use, since January 2000, in Heidelberg for data compilation of all incoming CTS data, and in this time it has proved its quality in the practical arena.

Installation is performed through the use of a simple setup program and requires only minimal hardware prerequisites (Pentium processor with approximately 10 MB free hard disk storage space) in addition to the presence of any edition of Windows (Windows XP or later).

Examples of Windows

Program main window

New record entry

Search transplant

Update follow up data


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